The Most Handsome Music Studio In Town


Welcome to ICY DONUTS!! The most handsome music studio in beautiful Roermond, Limburg. The studio complex embraces the beauty of the area with large windows in every room allowing natural light in and to enjoy the stunning views whilst you write, record and last but not least relax.

ICY DONUTS is a remarkable facility that offers a 38 square meter live room, a separate 30 square meter control/mix room, 25 square meter outside area and a fine array of equipment, microphones and instruments to inspire both musicians and engineers alike.

Both live rooms have air-conditioning, fresh air circulation system, daylight and a variable lightning system. This will help to keep your mind fresh and energy up!!

Control room

The Control Room is a comfortable place to be. It is spacious enough, at 30 sq mtrs, for everyone to hang out together and also space perform guitar/bass/keys when tied into the live rooms. The acoustics are perfectly balanced and the TANNOY speakers are big enough to give that 'main' monitor sound with bass right down to the bottom octave, but not so huge that they don't translate. This together creates some great perspectives on a mix or recording.

The back wall is a big glass sliding door which again provides plenty of daylight. When partly opened fresh air will fill up the room. 

live room

The Live Room is the most pretty part of the complex, unlike most live spaces its full of light and has a stunning garden view, couple this with the great acoustics and you've got the ultimate recording room. The well controlled reflections create space and bring out energy, especially in a drum recording.

The live room can be split up into two separate rooms, when it is preferred to record more sources simultaneously and bleed needs to be reduced, this comes in handy. Or leave it all open and use the bleed as your friend, all is possible.

additional info

  • Private car parking spots just in front of the studio complex. 
  • Easy acces for equipment load in/out.
  • Garden furniture to sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful outside area.
  • Private bathroom  
  • Installed Heaters above outside terrace, to keep you warm on colder days.
  • Speaker system in the ceiling of the outside terrace, can be used for recording playback or listening to other nice tunes
  • Several groceries stores in surrounding areas (5 min by car)
  • Nice hotel and BnB options in Roermond city center (5 min by car)
  • The famous Designer Outlet Center just around the corner (5 min by car)


At ICY DONUTS we invested a lot of time in making drumkits sound awesome, in our opinion a great drum recording starts at the source, the instrument in the room. Spending time on choosing the right drumheads, cymbals, placing in the room, mic placement and proper Tuning is the foundation of great drum recording. These choices will have a much bigger impact on the recorded sound than microphones, preamps and converters.

Recorded drums should immediately sound big and full with a lot of definition. When this is lacking during the recording process and needs to be "fixed in the mix", the recording engineer didn't do a proper job.....

Lintjenshoflaan 10
6042 NA, Roermond
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